Teacher Training

PARTNER WEBINAR: Perspectives on Teaching Robotics and STEM with UBTECH Education

We offer customized onsite immersive experiences with implementation experts to ensure that educators get the most of the training. We assist in creating implementation plans that confidently bring robotics and STEM into the classroom. We aim to leave the educator feeling ready to lead the students through their robotics journey while solving any issue they encounter along the way.

Our training covers:

Coding and robotics form and function introducing the fundamental elements of robotics, the code that makes it work and the STEM behind the builds.

Robotic centre setup and classroom management

Coding and robotics pedagogy

Fundamentals of the UKit curriculum

Active building, coding and real-time troubleshooting

Assessing and reporting

Supplying Learning and Teaching Support Material

Our kits come packaged with student textbooks

The kits are used with a supporting 3D learning mode app available on google and

We also offer customizable lesson plans and teacher workbooks


PARTNER WEBINAR: Coding and Robotics in Schools with Future Nation Schools

Setup and Implementation

Site assessment and robotics centre set-up consultation and operational support

Efficiently equipped and scheduled robotics centres for students to complete curriculum aligned tasks

Easy-to- build robotic kits,

Detailed lesson plans, assessments and access to our user-friendly online platform that houses videos, worksheets and PDF resources that will assist in your implementation

Full CAPS aligned curriculum with an added STEM and project-based focus

Access to a network of teachers that are on the same robotics journey


We focus on cultivating talents in the AI & robotic industries, aiming to help universities and colleges nurture the skill needed in the forthcoming AI era. We deliver an integrated solution for universities and colleges that integrates multiple scenarios. For example, we offer certifications and competitions that enable high-quality industrial development.

Our solutions can be used by tertiary students for R&D and school-age students through outreach programs that connect the institutions to their communities.