Bethlehem, 11 April 2024: In a transformative move for education in the Free State, Kagiso Trust, in partnership with the Free State Department of Education (FSDOE), is delighted to announce the successful pilot of coding and robotics into school curriculums across the region. This ground-breaking initiative reached its first major milestone with a graduation awards ceremony on April 11, 2024, a celebration of the remarkable achievements of both students and educators.

This partnership between Kagiso Trust and FSDOE, along with the contributions of service providers Sifiso EdTech and Dynamic Knowledge, represents a pivotal moment in educational innovation, directly addressing the critical need for digital literacy and technical skills within the South African education system. By arming students with knowledge in coding and robotics, we are setting the stage for a generation prepared to navigate and lead in a technology-centric future.

The pilot programme was implemented at Ntsu Secondary School, Sentinel Primary School, and Witsieshoek Primary School. Sifiso EdTech, a South African-based international provider of specialised coding and robotics theory, teacher training, technology curricula, and services, played a crucial role in providing turn-key educational robotics solutions to the pilot schools. Dynamic Knowledge, another essential service provider, contributed expertise and support to ensure the seamless integration of coding and robotics into the school curriculums.

Mankodi Moitse, CEO of Kagiso Trust, reflects on the initiative: “This programme is a beacon of our vision for the future, a testament to our belief in the power of education to empower our youth with the skills essential for thriving in the digital era. Our partnership with FSDOE, alongside the remarkable contributions of Sifiso EdTech and Dynamic Knowledge, is a commitment to nurturing an ecosystem where young minds are encouraged to explore, innovate, and shape the world of tomorrow. We are not merely preparing students for what lies ahead; we are actively crafting the future alongside them.”

Advocate Tsoarelo Malakoane – Head of Department of the Free State Department of Education, expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, “The integration of coding and robotics into our school curriculums marks a significant step forward in ensuring that our students are equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in the 21st century. We are grateful for the partnership with Kagiso Trust, as well as the support from Sifiso EdTech and Dynamic Knowledge, in driving this important initiative forward.”

The success of this programme is a clear demonstration of the strength found in unity, showcasing how partnerships can be a formidable force for societal advancement and innovation. By uniting the capabilities and resources of both the public and private sectors, we have established a robust foundation for enduring educational transformation.

The upcoming graduation awards ceremony on Thursday, April 11, 2024, is set to not only honour the accomplishments of those involved in the programme but also to highlight the powerful and transformative learning experiences made possible by this unique collaboration. The event is poised to be a significant marker in the continuous journey to weave coding and robotics into the fabric of education, spotlighting the programme’s crucial role in equipping our students with the indispensable skills of the 21st century.