The Trevor Noah Foundation and Sifiso EdTech are thrilled to announce the successful launch of their AI and Robotics Centre in Braamfisherville. This significant milestone marks the beginning of a promising partnership set to ensure that no learner is left behind in the Digital Revolution. 

“The Digital Revolution is not waiting for us. Learners must be exposed to artificial intelligence, coding and robotics to prepare themselves. Through collaborations like this, we can ensure that every child in South Africa has access to quality education. During September, teachers from The Trevor Noah Foundation’s Khulani Schools Programme were immersed in hands-on coding and robotics teacher training. By training teachers, we have the ability to change the lives of every learner they come into contact with. This, more than any other intervention, has the ability to change the future of education at an exponential rate,” says Sizwe Nxasana, CEO and Founder of Sifiso EdTech.

Nxasana’s Sifiso Learning Group , through its Sifiso EdTech & Future Nation entities, is at the forefront of content development, tools creation, and the establishment of innovative learning environments. These initiatives are geared towards facilitating active participation by all stakeholders within this dynamic education ecosystem.

The official opening and launch of the AI and Robotics Centre took place at Moses Kotane Primary School in Braamfischerville last month. This year, Trevor Noah Foundation is embarking on a pilot programme, featuring the establishment of two centres—one in a primary school and the other in a secondary school.

“It’s amazing that we are now introducing AI and robotics in schools, propelling students into a future where innovation knows no bounds. We are both expectant and encouraged by what the educators have achieved in the short space of time” “ – Thabiso Madiba. Trevor Noah Foundation Board Member.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the dedicated teachers who have played a pivotal role in making this endeavour possible.
As we embark on this exciting journey, we look forward to advancing the frontiers of education, harnessing the power of AI and robotics to empower both educators and learners. Together with Sifiso EdTtech, we are poised to shape a future where innovative technology and African-centered education converge to create boundless opportunities.