• Yanshee

    Convergence of AI and Robotics Standing at nearly 15 inches tall, Yanshee combines an advanced AI interface, a programmable Raspberry Pi card, and a host of sensors and functionalities. All these enable Yanshee to perform tasks on command, test environmental conditions, speak, listen, thoughtfully answer questions, and relay data. Infrared Sensor Colour Sensor Ultrasonic Sensor Temperature Sensor Capacitive Sensor Humidity Sensor Pressure Sensor
  • UKIT: Explore

    Bringing AI to life The easy-to-build and programmable robot uKit Explore is designed to nurture maker spirit. Learners can experience robotic automation through creating and programming the robots. OPEN-SOURCE ROBOTICS FOR RICH LEARNING The uKit Explore has a main control box equipped with Arduino open-source platform which offers an incredible amount of electronics and programming learning resources from contributions of users worldwide. MULTIPLE CODING LANGUAGES FOR DIFFERENT LEVELS OF STUDENTS Supporting Blockly coding as well as several text programming languages including C/C++, for both beginners and experienced coding learners. TAILOR-MADE CURRICULUM Tailored curriculum offerings are available to enable educators to easily integrate the program into the classroom. These offerings were developed in conjunction with experienced educators in this field. What's Included Senior/FET Phase 60+ course hours 600+ components & parts 34+ official models 16 servos 4 sensors Bluetooth speaker LED lamp
  • UBTECH UKIT Advanced
    • Grades: 6+ (Advanced Level)
    • Number of Students: 2-4 per kit
    • Number of Robot Builds: 38
    UKIT Advanced offers an open-ended approach to robotics and STEM topics for the more experienced roboticists in your classroom. With a more sophisticated and versatile tool set, UKIT Advanced provides an in-depth look at the mechanics, electronics, and programming behind real high-tech robotics.
    • Comprehensive building kit includes over 1000 pieces, 16 servos, real Arduino-compatible microcontroller, and complete circuitry kit for limitless opportunities
    • Working with Circuits curriculum provides an introduction to circuitry fundamentals and electrical engineering
    • Build and program with block-based code using UBTECH Education’s proprietary uCode software, or text-based code in C/C++ through Arduino IDE
    • Up to 38 pre-designed models in the software invite students to fully explore the engineering design process, or invent their own project
    What's in UKIT Advanced?
    • More than 1000 pieces included
    • Arduino-compatible microcontroller
    • 16 servo motors
    • Two DC motors
    • Rubber wheels
    • Grayscale sensor
    • Infrared sensor
    • Ultrasonic sensor
    • Touch sensor
    • Circuitry kit
    • LED lights
    • Bluetooth speaker
    • Connecting cables
    • Sturdy storage box & sorting tray
  • UKIT: Entry

    FIRST STEP IN AI EDUCATION uKit is a programmable building block kit that allows students to easily access the coding world with its APP dynamic instruction and hundreds of parts that can be combined into many different models. KIDS-FRIENDLY DESIGN Easy to build with animated 3D guidance and snap-fit design ENLIGHTENMENT ON PROGRAMMING Learning to code with dual programming modes: DRP and Blockly coding SCIENTIFIC AND SYSTEMATIC CURRICULUM Providing a supporting curriculum that is based on AI education surveys and matched to different ages INNOVATIVE TEACHING METHOD Inspiring creativity and problem-solving capabilities via task-based teaching method SOURCE FOR STEAM EDUCATION Cultivating a basic sense of engineering and science UKIT ADVANCED (Entry Pack) Elementary school 36+ course hours 309 components and parts 20+ official models 4 servos


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