Foundation Phase – Grades R – 3 (5yrs +)

Kits – UKIT Beginner

Designed for students who are new to robotics and coding

Comprehensive building kit – no additional pieces required

CAPS aligned curriculum provides lesson plans on integrated STEM topics

UKIT Edu app lets students view the steps to building robots in a 360-degree 3D model and program their robotics project using pose- record- play (PRP), controller and block-based coding

Up to 15 pre-designed models in the app spark creativity with the added potential of customised themed build options

Flexible functionality, so that students can imagine, design , code and save their own robotic projects


Explores the engineering design process with hands-on robotics projects

UKIT Beginner

Intermediate Phase – Grade 4 – 6 (8yrs +)

Kits – UKIT Advanced

The next level of robotics. Introduction of complex builds with interactive sensors and increasingly challenging STEM topics

Up to 15 pre-designed models in the app spark creativity with the added potential of customised themed build options


Develop and strengthen computational and design thinking

Promote efficient team work and project, and time management skills

Fun and hands-on STEM integration and experimentation.

UKIT Advanced

Senior Phase – Grades 7 – 9 (12+)

Kits – UKIT Explore

Offers an open-ended approach to robotics and STEM topics for the more experienced robotics students. With a more sophisticated and versatile tool set, UKIT advance provides an in-depth look at mechanics, electronics and programming behind real high-tech robotics

Comprehensive building kit with over 1000 pieces, 16 servos, Arduino compatible microcontroller, and a complete circuity kit for limitless opportunities

Versatile builds from beginner friendly components based builds to more complex sensor and circuitry based builds

Build and program using block based and dual text-based uCode software or text-based C/C++ Arduino IDE

AI integrated blocks and machine model training environment enables students to incorporate AI functionality into projects

Up to 38 pre-designed models in the software invites the students to fully explore the engineering design process , or invent their own projects


Extendible customization

While developing their hands-on ability, they can realize their own Unlimited creativity.

UKIT Explore