Sifiso EdTech Online Robotics Competition (SEORC):

“Home Helpers” Challenge

Ignite Your Innovation!

Welcome to our unique robotics journey! Blending cutting-edge technology with daily challenges, the “Home Helpers” contest invites South African students to redefine home automation. Dive into the specifics and get set for a transformative experience!

Who’s Eligible?

Grades On Board: From the budding minds in grade 3 to the innovators of grades 10 and 11, this is your arena!
Team Dynamics: Form squads of 2 to 5 members. Combine diverse skills for a holistic approach!

Robot Rules & Specs:

Your Brand, Your Choice: Though we’re fans of UBTECH uKit and Elecfreaks, go ahead and choose any brand that fuels your vision.
Budget Brilliance: Flaunt your genius not with extravagance, by crafting cost-effective, impactful solutions.
Sensor Spectrum: From basic to advanced sensors, integrate any that elevate your “Home Helper” robot.

Snapshot of Challenges:

  • Foundation (Grade 3): Dive into basic navigation, sound interaction, and more.
  • Intermediate (Grades 4-6): Tackle advanced navigation and multi-functional tasks.
  • Senior (Grades 7-9): Navigate dynamically, interact intricately, and respond to environments.
  • FET (Grades 10 & 11): Emulate real-life household scenarios and intricate tasks.

Sign Up & Shine!

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Sign up, and let’s transform home automation, one robot at a time!

Registration details:

No registration fees – just bring your passion, creativity and innovative spirit!
Registration closes on the 27th October , entries must be submitted by 3rd November 2023

For an in-depth understanding of the competition’s intricacies, challenges and guidelines, download your comprehensive competition guide now!

Join us in fostering a robotics revolution, where every participant feels empowered to make a difference, one robot at a time.